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Important information on obtaining an instrument and supplies for SJMS Band


DO NOT PURCHASE AN INSTRUMENT THAT IS NOT LISTED ON OUR APPROVED INSTRUMENT LIST. There are many very inexpensive instruments online and in stores that are not playable.  Even if the moving parts work and you can make a sound, there is no guarantee that the instrument will play at the proper tuning scale, and in MANY cases the instrument will not stay in working condition and can’t be repaired.  It may seem like you are saving money, but you very well might end up paying for something that can’t be used. 


Look at the approved instrument and supplies list below.  If you stick with the instrument model numbers listed, you will not need to contact a director as we have thoroughly researched these instruments and know they will save you money while assuring your child has the opportunity for success. 


  • If you find an apparent good deal on an instrument NOT on this list, contact a director BEFORE purchasing or renting the instrument.  The directors can do a play-test on the instrument to determine the condition, and potentially help you negotiate a better deal.  There are several other options that are acceptable, but MANY that are not.  We want to protect your investment.


Go to, or visit online, a reputable instrument dealer who carries the models on our list.  We have provided a list of local vendors with whom we are confident.  They have copies of our supply list, so if you don’t have yours, you can just tell them you are with Scott Johnson Middle School.


We suggest renting the instrument the first year, unless you find a very good deal on a new or used APPROVED instrument, in which case it is okay for you to purchase. The recommended vendors each have very good rental plans that allow you to trade-up for a better instrument later.  Your child will outgrow his or her beginner instrument, another great reason to rent rather than purchase. 


  • If your child is playing oboe, bassoon, tuba, euphonium, or French horn, the instrument will be rented from the school.  You will still need to purchase the items on the supply list.  Rentals of these instruments will take place when school starts.


Be sure to get all of the supplies listed.  These will be very important accessories.  If you rent from one of our recommended vendors, they can include a package of these items in the rental agreement.


If you get your instrument and supplies from one of our recommended vendors, arrange for them to deliver the instrument and supplies to the school the first week of school.  DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO HANDLE OR ATTEMPT TO PLAY THE INSTRUMENT until formal instruction begins.  This can’t be stressed enough.  Damage to the instrument is very likely if they don’t know how to handle the instrument, and it is almost impossible for them to play with the proper fundamentals if they try to play on their own.  Whatever they do in the beginning will feel normal and become a habit.  If they do this incorrectly, it will be very difficult to correct.  The only exception is students who take lessons from an approved instructor over the summer.

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